About The Course:

The VIDEO Parenting Course is a helpful resource for parents experiencing the trials of a divorce. This divorce family stabilization course is intended to give parents valuable insight on the psychological needs of their children as the divorce proceeds. As you watch the VIDEO Parenting Course online, you’ll hear personal perspectives from children of divorced parents. The course also features role-playing exercises that can help you learn to handle situations that may arise in your own family due to the conflicts that often accompany divorce.

What to Expect from the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course

Divorce brings a lot of uncertainty and disorder. This valuable parent education and family stabilization course helps clear up some of that confusion by offering valuable lessons that support your children, save you money and cut undue stress during this difficult time:

About The Course
  • Help parents minimize the price their children are paying for the break-up of the family.
  • Show parents how to save money now and in the future.
  • Show parents how they are wasting money using the litigation process.
  • Show each parent how to minimize the conflict between themselves and their co-parent.
  • Provide forms parents can use in their parenting agreements that will help resolve many serious issues such as time sharing.
  • Teach parents how to calculate child support and when it will need to be modified in the future so that lawyers do not have to get involved.
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How this Florida Divorce Course Began

David Thomas is the creator of this Florida divorce course. He has been a civil trial lawyer in Volusia County Florida since 1977. His specialties include family law, landlord tenant law, and civil litigation. He became a mediator in 1989 and has served as a court-appointed guardian ad litem for children in the Seventh Judicial Circuit. David was the Co-creator of the Shared Parenting program that has been conducted live each month in Volusia County Florida since 1996. After living as a single parent for 10 years following his divorce from his son's mother, David is now happily married and living with his new wife in Deland.